Fighting to save the lives of seals by aiming to replace the Conservation of Seals Act 1970 with a Protection of Seals Act.


Help stop the shooting of seals in the UK

Shot seal (© Orkney Seal Rescue)

Shot seal (© Orkney Seal Rescue)

You can help in several ways: By contacting your MP, MEP and, if you are in Scotland, your MSP and ask them to support the replacement of the Conservation of Seas Act 1970 with a Protection of Seals Act, an Act which will actually do what it says!

The easiest way to access your current Parliamentary Member is by visiting, once on the site simply enter your postcode in the box provided, and select the relevant member(s) to your area. An email box appears in which you are invited to respond; we have a suggest text below which you can copy and paste, but it will have greater influence if you can personalise your message.

Please copy and paste the following:

Mass shooting of internationally important seal species occurs around our coasts every year. This shooting is carried out despite legislation for the conservation of these seals. Loopholes allow for indiscriminate killing of two of the world’s most rare seal species.

The killing of seals is mainly carried out by the salmon aquaculture and salmon fishing industries. In most instances non-lethal methods of predator control exist but shooting is the cheaper option and this leads to an increase in company profits.

The British Isles has a sustainable and growing wildlife watching tourist industry, this is especially important in rural and island locations. Pubic opinion is high as far as the natural environment is concerned and especially so where charismatic seals are concerned.

Please can you look into this unacceptable situation, we have a moral and legal responsibility to protect two globally important species which live around our coasts. Current legislation, namely the,- Conservation of Seals Act 1970 and that derived from the EC Habitats Directive, Natura 2000 fails to provide the protection needed. We need new powers, new legislation in order to protect these magnificent animals.

Thank you.

If you would like to add support to the parent organisations of the Seals Protection Groups, please see our links section or contact our Seals Co-ordinator directly. Thank you.

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