Fighting to save the lives of seals by aiming to replace the Conservation of Seals Act 1970 with a Protection of Seals Act.

Seals Protection Groups

Vast numbers of seals are being shot throughout the British Isles every year. Most seals are shot by the salmon fish farming or salmon fishing industries. No records exist to determine the numbers of seals being shot and the shooting continues despite legislation for the conservation of seals. The shooting even occurs in Special Areas of Conservation, designated for seals.

The Seals Protection Groups is a grouping of local, national and international organisations who want to put an end to this unnecessary and sometimes unlawful killing. The group’s main aims are to:

  • Raise public awareness to the shooting of internationally important species;
  • Replace the outdated and ineffective legislation, in order to protect these seals;
  • Ensure "real" protection is given under EC legislation;
  • Put a stop to what appears to be a "killing for profit" policy, especially where non-lethal measures exist for predator prevention.

You can help by writing to your government representative; this killing of seals has the ability to affect other industries which rely on the environment, such as tourism. You could also join in with our "Seal Friendly Salmon" campaign.

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We have internationally important populations of Common and Grey Seals within our jurisdiction; we have a moral and legal obligation to protect them. The Seals Protection Groups want an outdated law changed in order to protect our seals.

Current Campaign

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Seal Friendly Salmon
Our Seal Friendly Salmon Campaign aims to highlight that seals are being shot during salmon production in the UK.
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Protection of Seals Act
Public pressure can be a powerful tool, please help by sending emails to your MSP/MP and change the current antiquated law. » More